How to write an essay introduction

for your university course

Many students wonder why they need write essays so often. Why do they need to write essays in general? The answer is obvious mostly for teachers, as they want their students to learn how to make their own opinions and explain them in the written form.
Essay writing is a good way to show what and how you think, whether you are able to think in a critical way on any topic possible, whatever the subject is. Plus, you might be able to make conclusions based upon your research.

Making the introduction to your paper

Why do you need it?

The introduction to any paper is aimed at showing your reader the overall idea of what your assay is about. To be short, with the essay you are writing, you are replying to the question that is hidden in the topic given to you. With the help of the text, you can share your position and give arguments (especially if the type of essay such as an argumentative one requires it).
The introduction should give the reader the thought of what you essay will be about as well as include the arguments and the facts that support them. Everything should be clear in the introduction to the essay, so the reader could get the main idea of the paper you are writing.

TOP-4 points an introduction might have

1. Give context for what you are writing about

As a rule, we start writing the introduction with the information that explains the topic – this way the reader can get the main idea of the topic and why it is important to write about it and make a research on it. Together with it, it is important to write about the major, as briefly as possible just to keep the focus of the reader on the main things related to the topic.
If there are any complicated terms, names, or definitions, it is necessary to give the explanation. Everything should be obvious for every reader.
When starting your essay, don’t use the general phrases that do not carry any sense like “Once upon a time” or something. It is better start with the problem that will be written about in the whole essay.

2. Write about the major

Your main purpose is to write the introduction is the way that will show the reader the main thing you are focused on – the topic. You just need to choose a narrow scope of the topic and follow it.

3. Explain your position

Explaining what you think on the topic (namely your position and argumentation) should be based on answering to the main question of your topic and sticking to it if there are more than just one of them.

4. Structure your introduction and provide the main points

Give your reader an overall review of the approaches you are going to use in your essay. It often might include the details of case studies you are going to use or highlighting the most crucial things you are about to do.

That's good

Follow these recommendations and your essay writing skills would become more efficient for sure.

Try to use as many sources of information as you can when trying to improve your skills and get more knowledge.

Good luck and stay hardworking!